Friday, March 26, 2010

Is There A Roger?

On the eve of the resurrection, the most important religious event in the Christian calendar, the Pope is under pressure to account for his actions in response to ‘looking the other way’ while his men of the clergy were accused of molesting children.

As a man of science, and a devotee of history, I have a difficult time reconciling the actions of the church with the teachings of Jesus.

Frankly, I believe the most righteous of dudes would be horrified at what has been carried out in His name, and as importantly, what has been carried out by His servants on innocent and sometimes handicapped children who believed they were in the care of adults they could trust.

During my own morning prayers, the daily digestion of global digital media, I stumbled across the most inappropriately named journalist to ever cover this shocking story for The Times.

The Headline “Vienna Boys’ Choir caught up in sex abuse scandals” penned by Roger Boyes, had me spewing my coffee across the monitor. I mean really, what were you folks at The Times thinking!

As the man on the planet closest to God, the Pope may need to call in a favour to resurrect himself following an impending crucifixion. Fitting really.



Corinne said...

It is amazing that the most righteous of dudes has had his message usurped by the most self-righteous dudes.
(the Captcha down below is "paria"...ironic since one could argue the Pope's involvement in these scandals can threaten to turn the Catholic church into a global pariah...)

ian in hamburg said...

How can Ratzinger stay on as Pope now that he's been outed as the author of a cover-up in that mafia for pedophiles. He should resign.

nursemyra said...

Has a Pope ever resigned? I can't see that happening.

Roger Boyes is a most unfortunate name ;-)

RennyBA's Terella said...

Was it Marx who said: "Religion is like opium for the people"?

If so, I do agree!

Btw: The next OsloBG supporters meeting will be the 10th of June at the First Millennium Hotel!

Anonymous said...

if there were a functioning testicle within the vatican, a "reboot" would be proposed. just shut it down, divide up the cash amongst the victims, and start over. and call it somthing else. "Catholicism" leaves a rank taste...

mjohnson said...

Yes indeed this Pope should be ousted and replaced. I'd like to see Turner Blindaye get the job, there's not a bad bone in his body.

jinjir minjir said...

Religion is not really my specialty. Unfortunate names, however, are worthy of research. Justin Case, Stan Still and Rose Bush, for instance.

Which, to be fair, is nothing compared to this.

DianeCA said...

It makes me feel like the world is full of lies and coverups, nothing is as it seems..which may just mean I see things clearly - who knows.

Karla said...

Jesus wouldn't be a catholic.
Jesus would probably not follow any of the religions that are purported to follow him.
I'm NOT religious, but I would like to take Jesus for a beer and have a chat about all the shit that has happened in his name. I bet he'd have some things to say about THAT.
Then I'd ask him to do some tricks with loaves and fishes.

Return to Norway said...

They can keep the dogma - I'll continue collecting rocks and dancing naked under the moonlight.

Lol to the name thing - that's just hysterical!

Gary said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA- you got MY monitor too.

Zhu said...

I'm also with Renny and the Marx quote.

Maria... said...

Hello Im Maria from Ibiza ,maybe I be in Agoust at the meeting bloguer whit Renny and all of your.

Hug from Ibiza


beaverboosh said...

c - totally

ian - agree

nm - no more unfortunate than Mike Litoris

Renny - it was Marx, and greatly misunderstood... see you on 10 June!

df - indeed

mj - Turner Blindaye, hahaha, indeed

jm - lol hahaha...

dianeCA - it is the face of evil

karla - hahaha, ja, if you were at Aker Brygger you could get him to walk across the fjord!

caroline - i'll join you for some pagan naked dancing!

gary - welcome back dude. p.s. cannot leave comments on your blog

zhu - okdokay

maria - hola!

Jo said...

I enjoyed that!