Friday, April 2, 2010

Nuclear Family Road Trip

We are on our way to the mountains for a few days. We are stuck in back to back holiday traffic.

Mrs. BB has her head down, eyes fixed on her smartphone, surfing, networking and whatever.

I peer into the vehicle in front of me. Man is driving, woman has head down, eyes fixed on her smartphone.

I peer into the vehicle behind me. Man is driving, woman has head down, eyes fixed on her smartphone.

I peer in to more vehicle windows. Unfuckingbelievable! This is contagious.

It is only matched by the vehicles containing children. Bar a small number of encounters, most are watching dvds in the back seat. Likely keeps the little shits quiet!

I stick to a single media format. After all, I am driving. Music! Apparently it makes the people come together.

Before long, Mrs BB and I are singing together at the top of our lungs, “Freeeeeeeeeeee Free Fallin.”

It’s the only smartphone killer in the car!



Anonymous said...

had a rental car in florida last week with XM satellite radio - and my boy toy and i spent every drive surfing and singing at the tops of our lungs! it's the only way to drive!

Anonymous said...

Always loved the irony of belting out the first verse of that rockin' little tune!

Michele said...

DVDs in cars. Hrrmmph. We never had DVDs in the car. No child seats, either. My brother had the seat while my sister and I took over the back of the station wagon where we assembled armies of toys that were lobbed, with increasing force, between us and the brother. All to the sound of my mother yelling at us and the sight of my dad driving with one hand while waving the other behind him trying to make contact with the back of brother's head. Now THAT was a family vacation. :-)

Enjoy the mountains!

Anonymous said...

Will anything save us from "smart"phones and inane television?

We are currently on the trek back home and, yes, the wee one is continually "entertained" via the rear seat dvd player. Personally, I think all those hours I spent inventing fun on long road trips as a child helped build my fine character!

I marvelled at the plug-ins on my dashboard today: iPod and GPS. Such fantasies were never imagined in my own youth.

Hurrah for Tom Petty. Some of the best driving tunes around, I say!

RennyBA's Terella said...

Bet you had a Rocki'n Good Easter celebration!

Found any Easter Bunny Eggs?

Zhu said...

I'm so old fashioned, I still burn CDs before a long roadtrip!

nursemyra said...

Singing in the car is a given. But what happened to good old conversation?

RubyTwoShoes said...

I have a new car, the only time i have ever owned one that was built post 1898. It has a stereo. It is glorious. I dont know what a smart phone is because, as you may have noticed, I seem to be stuck in the 19th Century

beaverboosh said...

df - fantastic girl, toy boy eh!

dolce - darling i have missed you sooooo much! isn't it ironic, it's like rain on your wedding day, a black fly in your chardonnay...

michele - ja, the good old days eh!

rob - totally, children have a difficult time occuping themselves today... no unstructured play

renny - still looking! hope yours was fine as well

zhu - considered an ipod for the car?

nm - we do that over dinner

ruby - victorians welcome

Sid said...

Please tell me you were listening to John Mayer's version.