Friday, December 21, 2007

Back, Crack And Sack Wax Tops Mens' Christmas Lists

I write this for the thousands of women devoted to Beaverboosh’s weekly blog who are looking for that special last minute Christmas gift for their man.

Mimi’s blog on “Big Hanging” earlier this week has created pandemonium in waxing studios across London as men rush for a pre-holiday back, crack and sack wax.

It appears the proverbial genie is out of the bottle.

Camila, master Hollywood wax technician has shared a long held industry secret… it would appear that an inappropriately executed Brazilian can result in a “Big Hanging”.

Though it is unclear whether this condition can be scientifically replicated with Y chromo tackle, waxing studios all over the world have reported an upsurge in male bookings.

Far be it for me to take an interest in such a delicate topic, BB is nobly endowed in the front office thank you very much.

But girls, if you have felt a bit cheated, the answer is nigh! Get your man a back, crack and sack wax for Christmas. Hell, if you really feel cheated, get a 10 treatment gift certificate.

Your man will walk a bit taller in the gym showers and it will put a bit of ho, ho, ho, in your Christmas stocking.

Top of the season to one and all.



Anonymous said...

Mine wants a tripod for his camera - it is still fine? :D

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! You are funny... Hey, wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays and a Very Happy and Successful 2008.

beaverboosh said...

Zhu - whatever floats your boat! Hope you both enjoyed it!

Shantanu - Norther seasons greetings to you. I need to come to Pune for dinner one of these days!

Anonymous said...

I'm here from Zhu's and how great to see a Canadian in Norway. Since I'm a local, I could not resist but had to stop by and say hi!

Your really have a great blog and its interesting to read about your experience here through your eyes.

Please keep up the good work and I'll be back.

Glad to know you survived all the Yuleboard too:-)

Wishing you a wonderful 2008!

LOBO said...

It's been a while since I started laughing right as I read the title ... LOL!!!!!!

beaverboosh said...

Renny - Velkommen dude! Du er så snill! Jeg liker din blog osgå! Godt nytt år!

Lobo - May you live a long, healthy, and happy life laughing!

Anonymous said...

mrs beaverboosh is a very lucky woman