Friday, April 16, 2010

Eruption Ruined My Weekend

Bukkake ruined my carpet, now an eruption of another type has ruined my weekend.

Haven’t those bastards in Iceland done enough by leaving thousands of European savers stranded by not honouring their deposits when the country’s banks went tits up?

A volcano on the island erupted yesterday leaving a large plume of volcanic dust over northern Europe and grounding ALL flights in many countries for the first time in history. I know the Icelanders weren’t keen on the terms of the IMF loan but really, this is going to some length.

Ironically, the prevailing North-Westerly means the UK and Norway get the worst of it while the Icleanders are taking off in their planes, well, by the plane load. Buggers!

Due to flight cancellations, my long awaited boys golf weekend is now OFF. Double buggers!

I have received comms from many friends in similar situations:
  • Two mates cannot make it back to Norway and are stuck in NYC for the weekend – total effin bummer there pals, I mean, will you be able to find anything to do?
  • A friend stuck in London for the weekend – how will he cope with the onslaught of the weekend suburban chavs; The list goes on.
Not sure what I'll get up to now, probably have the boys over.

Good thing I haven’t had the carpet replaced yet.



Anonymous said...

on the plus side, I don't get to see my boss today. Score!

ian in hamburg said...

I hear it was all on account of a mixup. Iceland mis-heard when the Brits demanded they send over all their CASH.

Anonymous said...

Årsaken til utbruddet er klar

Her kommer forklaringen..........

Britain: WTF Iceland?!? Why did you send us volcanic ash ? Our airspace has shut down.

Iceland: What ? It's what you asked for isn't it ?

Britain: NO! Cash! Cash you dyslexic fuck. CASH!

Iceland: woooops...

Anonymous said...

Iceland's sending smoke signals again? Fuck. We better send Bjorn back...

kyknoord said...

This is probably payback for all the bad reviews of Bjork's last album.

Anonymous said...

boys over?

Sounds more like a circle jerk to me.
You live a very decadent lifestyle, BB.

RubyTwoShoes said...

I'm glad I read on, cuz "an eruption of another type" had me doubting whether this was something I really wanted to know about...but now, i'm like, well informed of world events AND yr panache for golfing

Zhu said...

If it can make you feel better, it's worse in France where on top of that, trains are on strike. So people are truly stuck at the airport!

nursemyra said...

Well France and the rest of Europe better be back on track when I arrive there in June. I'd hate to be stuck in Sydney and have to take up golf or bukkake ;-)

RennyBA's Terella said...

For good or for worse; I'm glad me and my wife's trip to Bucharest was last weekend! ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's really a mess. I have two friends stranded. Sorry about your guys trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Two friends from the UK I haven't seen in years had planned a week-long Andalusian holiday for this week, including Sevilla. All cancelled now. Bum.

Michele said...

BB, I figured you'd have been working in London last week and stuck there for the duration. Not sure whether to be happy or sad for you that way. ;-)

Incredibly ironic about the Iceland airports being open!

beaverboosh said...

dolce - sweet

ian - hahahaha

anon - hahahaha again

df - who's bjorn?

kyk - lol, too right

rob - yup

ruby - love golf and eruptions

zhu - the french really know when to strike

nm - wouldn't worry about it dahlin

renny - me too, glad I am in Norge!

anon - thanks, made it this weekend for golf!

az - bummer girl, hope the re-schedule

michele - glad not be stuck in London and home here on planet Norge