Friday, May 29, 2009

Dam Beavers

A slow morning over latte and my eye caught by the Times headline ‘Landowners Fear the Beaver Invasion’.

I mean really, who would fear a beaver invasion? Surely an occasion like this would be rejoiced!

It appears that after a 400 year absence in Scotland, a pair of European beaver families are being introduced as part of a ‘Beaver Trial’.

It’s no wonder the Scottish are so effin miserable. 400 years with no beaver! All of the golf and whisky in the world is not going to overcome that now is it?

Alas, fishing interests are deeply concerned about the impact on the salmon industry and have presented some pretty damming evidence: “American beavers, slightly smaller than their European cousins, were reintroduced to Prince Edward Island, Canada, in 1949, and opponents of that scheme say that the difficulties associated with their inexorable spread will soon be mirrored in Scotland.”

I always thought American beavers were slightly smaller than European beavers, though there is no question that American mouths are much bigger. As for the inexorable spread, well, quite. It’s nice to get the confirmation in print from an authoritative source like the Times.

The beavers used in the trial were captured here in Norway, and as most of us here will attest, the Norwegian beaver is one of the finest in the world. I am sure my Scottish cousins will be grateful once they have had a peek at the little, though slightly larger than American, snappers.

On an entirely separate but beaver related note, a 40 kg behemoth beaver has escaped a farm in Devon this week and has thus far evaded capture.

A behemoth beaver, and on the loose. Now that is something that will strike fear in most men’s trousers.


P.S. To avoid any confusion, the beaver on my head is Canadian.

P.P.S. Nursemyra's contribution: Australian Beaver

P.P.P.S. Rob's contribution: Canadian Beaver


dorothy said...

what? as you're drinking your latte? in public? reading the newspaper? dang. that's multi-tasking for y...oh. you mean in the photo...

Anonymous said...

wars have been fought over a beaver deficit... scotland shall remain peaceful!

ian in hamburg said...

The way to fix a too-large beaver is you insert liver for shims.

Anonymous said...

your double entendres are priceless. Worthy of an Australian


Shantanu said...

Heh! Beavermania everywhere.

Rob said...

@ian in hamburg: Just one word....Ewwwwwwwwwww!


Seen this one?

Oddly enough, right after I read your blog, I saw this item in "The Oakville Beaver".
You can't make this stuff up!


RennyBA said...

Interesting observation and thoughts - you really have been digging into this subject.

Looking forward to a follow up about the mouse ;-)

btw: The idea of getting together Oslo based bloggers is brilliant. Lets keep in touch and join our network for one in - lets say August?

Anonymous said...

MMMmm....nothing better than some beaver tail and beer.

American in Norway said...

I'm SPEECHLESS...first time for an AMERICAN eh?
Hey.... if ya'll (bloggers)are getting together in Oslo I wanna come...(I am invited right? : O

Zhu said...

There is a very serious beaver invasion in Tierra Del Fuego, Southern Argentina.

Destroying trees, eating plants, blogging... I can see the threat.

Michele said...

Hey, did you just insinuate that Americans are fat and loud? If I wasn't so impressed with your selfless concern over the fate of international beavers, I just might be a little muffed. Er, I mean miffed.

P.S. I thought the beaver on your head was Norwegian...

beaverboosh said...

dorothy - cmon, multi-tasking? I am man... I can't even chew gum and shag

df - indeed, the great beaver deficit, look at the middle east

ian - yuck

nm - kiss kiss

shantanu - great name for a musical - Beavermania!

rob - thanks

renny - i'm learning new things about beavers all of the time.
Aug is great, lets speak of plans!

cf - i miss beavertails...

zhu - you sound like a beaver warrior

michelle - smaller beavers, bigger mouths, that's all. No, the beaver on my head is Canadian, the beaver on my face is Norwegian