Monday, January 28, 2008

Natural Born Racists

We are all natural born racists. It is a genetic self protection mechanism to help our tribe survive the challenges life throws at us, principally their tribe across the divide trying to eradicate us.

Thankfully, through centuries of breaking down state, religious, racial and social barriers, many of us have a deeply held belief in egalitarianism, and actively promote racial equality in the global tribe. This is especially the case for those of us living in multi cultural urban populations.

In addition to my egalitarian beliefs, I am a libertarian. I believe people have the right to live the way they want and govern themselves without interference from the state. This belief is a big contributor to my political incorrectness. I despise political correctness in the same way I despise liars, cheats, bullies and thieves.

As of late political correctness is creeping into my professional and social circles and as a result, humour is suffering badly. One cannot make a joke these days for being branded racist or sexist. A joke is not a political statement and is not to be taken seriously.

Recently a UK bank manager had to resign for using humour in a discussion with his team on the year end results. He declared the results were like Muslims, "some of them were good, some of them were shite"!

I get vexing looks from people when I introduce my all star female analyst team as "dey is me bitches"!

We are in danger of a serious sense of humour failure.

American Democrat voters proved in last week's nomination contest that despite thousands of years of social advancement, and as the torchbearers for what they consider to be the paragon of egalitarianism, freedom and democracy, they are natural born racists.

Exit polls showed that the black candidate won the black vote, the white woman won the white women’s vote and the white man won white men's vote.

I see nothing funny in this at all.



nursemyra said...

sounds like your health's improved now :-)

racism is alive and flourishing at the gimcrack. we have staff from two dozen coutries but the majority of our elderly patients are white.

it's difficult to blame their dementia or psychosis when they object to being showered by "that black bastard" or "that chink"

*sigh* viva la difference!

Johnada said...

I don't know that I believe we are all natural born racists. I think I've got to go with nurture on this one. Two-year-olds may notice differences between each other, but I don't think it makes them play with each other any less.

I definitely agree that PC is out of hand. To me it's fine unless "your bitches" are offended, then you might have a problem.

As for America, yes black people voted for Obama, but what about Iowa, which is 97% white?

Zhu said...

I don't think we're natural born racists, more like natural born xenophobic.

Anyway, I hate political correctness as well, and North America is very much into it as you probably know.

My hubby is Chinese Canadian and me being French/ Italian soon to be Canadian, we make a lot of offensive jokes between each other... ;)

beaverboosh said...

nm - not sure I have recovered yet, blogger’s voice still sounds a bit ill. Wish you were here to take my temperature! Could not agree with you more - no excuses - viva la difference!

johnada - I find the nature v nurture debate inconclusive as often there is no scientifically conclusive right or wrong answer. I am with you in that I believe nurture to be a principal protagonist in institutional racism. I am actually less interested in the root causes of racism and am guided by my instinct to help eradicate it, as I am sure you and many of us are!

Thank goodness it is a badge of honour to be a “bitch”. It could be a law suit or jail term in Canada or the US!

Maybe the delegates in Iowa have been nurtured more progressively than the delegates in South Carolina. Fascinating isn’t it!

Zhu – See above re: xenophobia. Good on you on the politically correct front, I am with you all of the way! As a Canadian abroad, I am often politically incorrect about Canadians (rich hunting grounds which clearly you will be a target of soon… in addition to being French!). As you know, I grew up in Ottawa. I could not have asked for more of a United Nations up-bringing. For this I am grateful!

nursemyra said...

I mentioned that our DON had moved to a country town recently. I saw her today and she said ALL the patients and ALL the staff are white australians.

she misses the league of nations at the gimcrack :-)

Joanne Rasmussen said...

If you feel like a 'real' challenge on this subject, come and live in South Africa for awhile.

Qelqoth said...

Just to let you know that I haven't removed you from my blogroll...I've just moved the blogroll to another part of my site. This is because I wanted extra space in my sidebar to accomodate for the new web forum I installed recently, that's all.

beaverboosh said...

nm - Bless DON!

Joanne - Visited SA a couple of times but really have no idea, other than through Jonny's SA blog! Scary stuff!

qelqoth - cool dude, thanks for the notice!

Jonny said...

A tinderbox of a subject indeed like you said yourself once!! I’ve read your article several times and restrained myself... but my name was mentioned and so I felt challenged! It’s not an easy task to tell what’s going through a Norwegian white mind in South Africa I can assure you!

I'm in an interracial marriage myself, and once thought myself an anti racist of ranks. In South Africa I was sure to reconfirm my anti racist attitude a thousand folds. However, it’s a real challenge to keep my feelings straight down here in South Africa. I must agree with Joanne! I think you must live here for a while also to understand.

I’ve gone all the way from thinking all whites here in South Africa were racists due to several incidents… to occasionally fantasize of a genetic difference in the logic/IQ centre…

Recently I thought I was going to be beaten up at a restaurant. I asked my father to order me a “kaffe” – Norwegian for coffee. It’s pronounced dangerously similar to “kaffir/kaffer” which is a derogatory term for blacks here in South Africa, and something that is not taken lightly. I got away with some unfriendly stares, but no doubt I was labeled. I’m constantly walking on glass!!

A close friend has recently been treated like shit in a “typical black run business”. Yes, it is actually a very distinct business culture, strippet of all logic, trust, formal or legal procedures or anything I’m used to from a western society. Add cruelty, greed and corruption and you’ve got what we call a BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) Compliant business. Eventually he was fired over SMS because he refused to fire another employee based on groundless allegations and no proper process. Had he only had balls ala John Holms, he could cause a national corruption scandal involving the Department of Defense and let ministers’ heads roll!! How far do you think the case will get in a South African court system?????? The political leaders of the country nothing but worsens this picture considerably… unfortunately!!

God knows I’ve wanted to write several blog posts myself on the subject, but mainly out of pure frustration and anger when I've been screwed myself!!!!! I am constantly telling myself that it’s only single individuals… still trying to cling to my anti racist views. I have to move back to Norway and lobotomize myself to get my head straight again…

I can only conclude; not necessarily born racist... it can possibly develop with the right influence!! Very unpolitically correct though...