Friday, February 20, 2009

For Those About To Blog

We salute you.

I have lived and worked all over the world. I am often asked what it was like growing up in Canada.

“Have you seen the film Wayne’s World”, I ask?

“That is pretty much what growing up in the suburbs of Canada was like for me”, I add.

Most people that have seen the film(s) connect right away.

“Hey, you actually look like Mike Myers”, often follows.

“You mean George Clooney don’t you”, retorts me.

I’ve have at times been accused of sailing down a long river called Denial!

AC/DC will be on the top 10 list of any self deprecating North American suburban teenage boyman. They are a classic, though not in the Zeppelin sense the word.

Wednesday night AC/DC started the European leg of their world tour in Oslo. Sweet!

I met Garth and the guys there.

On route, it occured to me that in many ways I have not changed much since the age of 13.

I still dress in jeans, sneakers, a hooded top, and a puffa, in the middle of the snowy -10C winter.

My hair is no longer half way down my back but I still wear baseball caps.

I didn’t drive to the gig in a Gremlim, choosing public transportation, but was eating black licorice because you cannot buy red licorice tubes here.

Bohemian Rhapsody wasn’t piping out of my Ipod, it was Black Dog.

Other than that, not much of a difference really.

Garth had scored corporate hospitality tickets. They served a sit down dinner before the concert. Yeah right! Like who eats a sit down meal before an AC/DC concert. We hosed the catering staff of loads of meat balls and chugged brewskies until we were ready to spew.

And like, we were like standing right behind 6 Scando babes with bodacious tatas all wearing flashing devil horns. I bet they were from Kneurgen, near the Joergen Fjords. Schwing! I think Garth creamed his jeans.

Anyhoo, AC/DC were way cool, they totally rocked, they were freakin awesome dudes. For sure.



livingladolcevita said...

Rock on dude!

nursemyra said...

how's the hangover?


beaverboosh said...

dolce - for sure babe, show us your tits?

nm - no time to hang, pissed again, and super horny, have a huge boner

ian in hamburg said...

Schwing! I don't know whether to laugh or hurl.

Funny how you're still living in the white north, great though it may not be...

Johnada said...

Hey didn't Wayne's World take place in Aurora, IL? That's not Canada.

daisyfae said...

Party on... Regarding the Scando-hotties? "She's a robo-babe. In Latin she would be called 'babia majora'. "

nursemyra said...

HUGE? how huge?

beaverboosh said...

ian - yeah, growing up I swore to myself I would live in the tropics!

john - aurora, IL / newmarket ON - not much in it I reckon... Mike is a Canuck, and it is written by him... a sort of bio... forced by the Hollywood nazis to base the film in IL, for commerical purposes. All I have to say about that is "asphinctersayswhat"

df - haha, way cool, babia majora, can't wait to land that one on a babe devoid of personality!

nm - it was soooo huge mrs bb called me mr big all day

RennyBA said...

Interesting read - always nice to know a blog friend even better and I have quite a few Canadian blog friends you know.

Did you know AC/DC is giving a concert in Norway this year? At the opening of Telenor Arena.

beaverboosh said...

rennyba - ja,jeg vært der, det var fantastisk, og jeg skal se dem igjen in juni i Valle Hovin!

christina said...

Schwing indeed! Sounds like you had a great time. I must have passed on the Wayne's World gene to my kids because they LOVE those movies. My only claim to fame is sharing a birthday with Mike Myers - same day, same year. I draw the line at baseball caps, though.

Waaay back in the 80's my university room mate and I used to crank up AC/DC on the ol' tape recorder(!!)on Friday afternoons to get in a partying mood. It worked.

beaverboosh said...

mausi - hey babe, glad you're back and hope your feeling well! Way cool story... little schwingers in Deutschland eh... and the Friday party prep... rock on girl, rock on

kyknoord said...

Do I make you horny, baby? Oh sorry, wrong movie.

beaverboosh said...

kyk - shagtastically horny!

OSLO said...

You wear baseball caps? In Oslo? I'll keep an eye out for you; you can't be hard to miss going by your self-description ;-)

beaverboosh said...

j - ja, should be easy to spot in this town... NOT

Zhu said...

So that´s all I have to do to pass my citizenship test? Rent Wayne´s World?