Friday, February 13, 2009

Regress To Mean

I am in a mood most foul.

I have been coming down from a week of champagne powder in the mountains. I see excessive ugliness in the world.

I have been short with everyone. My overall performance recently has been entirely unspectacular.

RevoLucian's Christian Bale Remix - Bale Out has gone to No.1 on the Beaverboosh chart.

Anyone in the office asking me a stupid question receives the same response. I stare at them blankly and hit a hot key on my laptop. A sample of ‘what don’t you fucking understand’ blares. If this does not solicit an immediate response, I hit it again. The minute the individual opens their mouth to respond, I hit again, and again!

I have had some disturbing feedback. Cleary I have offended. I keep a straight face and try not to wee myself. It is one of the few things putting a smile on my face.

I have regressed to the mean. I appear in good company on this journey.

Michael Felps, 8 times Olympic gold medal swimmer has been suspended for 3 months for smoking gear from a bong. Dope smokers everywhere feel a strange sort of vindication, if they have any feeling through the numbness. Felps should get another gold medal for this, it is some achievement. Unfortunately, in the eyes of the world, has regressed to the mean and is back again amongst the great unwashed.

Jeremy Clarkson, the UK petrolhead presenter, has apologised for calling the UK Prime Minister a Scottish cyclops, or something like that. Clarkson’s repertoire is built on derogatory and offending remarks. He does not discriminate and applies his discourse equally, offending all. I am not sure Clarkson has regressed to the mean, he has always been predictably mean. Very funny though!

President Obama admits to having screwed up in his selection of Tom Daschle to the appointment of Health and Human Services Secretary. Daschle has stepped down due to a matter of tax avoidance. There is a theme developing here, with the number of resignations due to tax avoidance, not to mention the bipartisan backlash to his stimulus package. Obama might be a high-beta, but his stock price is declining. It is just a matter of time before he regresses to the mean.

What goes up has a high probability of coming down. Bankers, politicians, business leaders, sports stars, and celebrities are coming down with resounding collective thump. It is difficult for superstars who believe they are biologically above of the curve to understand and come to terms with this. Welcome to how the normal standard distribution live. That’s life sunshine.

Yesterday marked 200 years since the birth of Charles Darwin. I am sure if he could have read the day’s papers, he would take delight that 150 years after the publication of ‘Origin of the Species’, mankind is doing an outstanding job of substantiating his theory.

I am planning my next big thing. With recent events, I am erring on the side of evolutionary incrementalism.

By gods, it very mean, ugly and fucking slow.



Anonymous said...

Mean is often the quickest route to action.

And poor old Christian Bale. He's not that pretty when he's being ugly.

ian in hamburg said...

The Phelps bong thing shows how much hypocrisy is still out there. If he'd been having a few beers and shots with friends and a photo were posted online, nobody would bat an eyelash. Both are drugs. One's illegal, the other marketed to kids.

Was astounded to learn btw that Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day. One freed the slaves, the other freed millions more from slavery to religion.

Anonymous said...

"mean" - when it is not the normal mode of operation - is often necessary to affect change. i am personally looking forward to President Obama getting fed up and starting to get a little pissy with the inertia and stupidity that abounds in his world... bring it...

jinjir minjir said...

Perfect mood for Friday the 13th. Also comes handy sometimes on the 14th.

Anonymous said...

hey happy valentine's day you big blue meanie xxxxx

kyknoord said...

So what's #2 on your chart?

beaverboosh said...

docle - sometimes eh! He is one ugly motherfecker, that's for sure

ian - yeah, it is a ridiculous double standard / hypocrisy. Cool factette

df - he's to cool to get pissy

jinjir - velkommen tilbake dude! 14th eh ...oh, I see

nm - I like to think you get mean sometimes... in leather...

kyk - Broken Hearts Are for Assholes. I thought it would be #1 for Valentine's Day, but it got pipped by Bale Out