Friday, February 6, 2009

Powder Junkie

There is nothing more exhilarating than a face full of fresh powder first thing in the morning, though I can think of a face full of a couple of other things that are as exhilarating.

There has been so much powder this week I have been choking on it! I have been praying at the big white altar every morning. Hallefuckingluiah!

Mrs. BB is away on business. I have taken the opportunity to spend a week in the mountains. Of course, I am working and have made myself available to the team and clients:
  • on-line –when I can bother to check my mail
  • by phone – on silent most times and selectively screening
  • in person – should they wish to take the 2 hour trip from town
  • by carrier pigeon – too cold for the little fuckers right now
  • telepathically – a small bump on my frontal lobe from a wipeout on the hills has left reception intermittent and unreliable.
It is a great opportunity to catch up on a few very important projects running a bit late, and get some skiing in at the same time, you know, a kind of work life balance sort of thing.

The mountains are very relaxing. The silence is almost deafening, there are few people around during the week as it is more a family weekend destination, and I am alone! I am back in Beaverboosh’s Narnia.

Peace and solitude with no one to get on my tits. I am bound to be very productive!

Alas, I must admit I am having a very difficult time getting started on my important projects. It has just been hectic with some of the other priorities.

I have been skiing both downhill and cross country every day. I have been surfing, networking, blogging, and on-line shopping. I have been through the whole series of Band of Brothers. I have plundered the cellar, sampling some new vintages. Lazing on the sofa, I have completed Niall Ferguson’s ‘The Ascent of Money’, and I have had a number of deep and spiritually fulfilling naps.

I put it down to the frontal lobe not functioning well, in particular, the inability to recognise future consequences resulting from current actions.

This morning, I sought to strengthen the lobe with some exercise. I am attempting to telepathically communicate with the deer, birds and rabbits. The mountains are teeming with wildlife and I am keen to break into their social scene and find out more about their habitats. Anything to give me a bit of a head start on next year’s hunting season.

I have just checked the forecast. It is going to snow all next week. I immediately start to devise a plan that will allow me to stay here and work from the mountains next week.

In the end, there can be no denial.

My name is Beaverboosh and I am a powder junkie.



Caroline said...

Enjoy the hard work! It's sounds exhilarating.

Joanne said...

Now for a little South African like me I had to read the entire post to find out if powder was snow duh! It is 33 degrees here today, eat your heart out!

kyknoord said...

So you're actually referring to real snow? It's hard to tell.

Leah said...

sounds fantastic!

daisyfae said...

intervention time, Mr. Bb? must we all assemble there, ski until we can't walk, clean out what's left of the cellar, then have a proper chat with you about the effect your obsession is having on your life?

nursemyra said...

frontal lobes can be very problematic. I prescribe another week at your current altitude. Take some brisk exercise, drink plenty of fluids, get 8 hours sleep at night.

repeat if necessary xx

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Well, your plan of action sounds good to me! If you figure out a way to mind meld with nature ... please post on the "how to" aspects. :)

Hello from Minnesota, Powder Capital - USA

DONYK said...

oww yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh ... I like that ! verrryyy niceee beib ;)

DONYK said...

HITLER with gedeg was HERE !!!

livingladolcevita said...

As Joanne mentions, being without Snow, we usually mean cocain when we refer to powder. Rereading your blog with that in mind is enlightening! :)

ian in hamburg said...

Hi Beave - just leaving after two days at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Powder here too, though solitude is a relative thing.

BTW - clean-up in aisle 3. That commenter DONYK is a troll, I think. He's got awful stuff on his blog, anyway.

Zhu said...

This powder addiction... I´m afraid it´s from your Canadian genes. As well as the laziness: definitely something you picked up in Ottawa.

beaverboosh said...

caroline - was fab!

joanne - i'll take the snow at this time of year thanks, 33 degrees is for golf season, that's a few months away

kyknoord - but of course, what else would I be referring to

leah - check out the picture link

daisyfae - abso, get your arse over here and sort me out

nm - great advice, thanks, but had to come down from mountains, in foul mood... need consoling...

speedcat - still experimenting... will post results... powder capital eh, got any hills though?

donyk - okdokay

dolce - are you a naughty girl?

ian - hope you enjoyed. John Kucera gets the gold eh!!!

zhu - too right girl, especially the laziness

Gary said...

I spent many mornings in the 80's with a face full of powder. Umm...but we're probably talking about two different things