Friday, March 20, 2009

Alien Intruder

There is an alien amongst us.

Unfortunately, he has penetrated the highest level of office, and in the great US of A.

Now we all know that the US is home to more aliens and fruitcakes than anywhere else on the planet: Roswell, Area 51, the alien abductions, the Elvis reincarnations, not to mention the vast number of conspiracy theorists… but this is a very serious matter indeed.

The Research Team at Beaverboosh Industries has it from reliable sources that Tim Geitner, the new US Treasury secretary, is the son of Sarek, the Romulan Commander of the Bird of Prey, both pictured below. The resemblance is uncanny.

Tim Geitner, a.k.a Son of Sarek

Sarek, Romulan Commander, Bird of Prey

In addition to the cloaking device, the Romulans must have mastered time travel. Sarek was killed in a battle with the USS Enterprise on Stardate 1709.9 (2266 for you earthlings). The mutant sprog was likely sent back in time as part of a master plan to infiltrate the US government, but to what end?

The Research Team has been asked to assist, but has not yet uncovered the full plot. Early analysis indicates Geiter is attempting to destroy the global economy by bringing down the US economy, thus thwarting mankind’s development.

He appears to be succeeding. He must be stopped. Not since Dr. Evil has has the planet been hostage to … well, such evil.

The team has put a call into MIB but they are not answering the hotline. Since the huge surge in the unemployed, many of whom are allegedly aliens, the boys are choka and are run off their feet with clean up duties.

Republican Man had his powers taken away, Super Banker has been withdrawn, Stock Market Boy is stuck in the doldrums… with all of these economic superheroes out of commission, who is going to take on this alien scum?

A quick surf of the intergalactic white pages offers up Predator's number. He is a potential candidate though I think the Terminator may be better suited for the job. He’s a bit old even for a cyborg, but is well versed with time travel and can be found easily in California.



ian in hamburg said...

Well-spotted, Beave! Those Vulcan ears are a dead giveaway.

Live long and prosper.

Anonymous said...


*shakes head*

Poor man has probably been given the vulcan hand greeting his whole life. Shame on you.

kyknoord said...

At least Tim has opted for an earth hairstyle.

Anonymous said...

oh dear... "Star Trek"? (sigh)

and i believe Ahnold wants to have Mr. Obama's baby so i'm thinking he won't be assisting with clean up on aisle 9...

Anonymous said...

oh but his ears are adorable

jinjir minjir said...

What about John Preston?

Actually, perhaps someone more sure-footed. He might lose it on the spot and then we'll need PR help...

Rob said...

Well, I'm not that much of a Trekker (true Trekkers *hate* the term Trekkie), but I must weigh to point out that, although Vulcans and Romulans share a common history, ancestry, Sarek was, in fact, Vulcan. He was a Vulcan ambassador and, with his human 2nd wife, the father of Spock. Yes, that Spock.

He was born in 2165 and died in 2368 from, it was initially thought of Bendii syndrome, but later proved to have been poisoned.

So, with that offer of the true facts, I will simply say about Tim Geithner: Mock away.

Live long and prosper.

beaverboosh said...

ian - spooky eh!

dolce - shame one me?

kyk - if you say so

df - ok... but that's a bit gross

nm - do you like Ferengi ears as well?

jm - JP's thrown the only punch he had... what about Liam Gallagher?

rob - well done and correct! The actor Mark Lenard played both the UNNAMED Romulan Commander in the episode 'Balance of Terror' (the picture in the blog) and Spock's Father, the Vuclan SAREK in the episode 'Journey to Babel'. You are the first and possibly only one to spot this incorrect factette! Not much of a Trekkie eh? Sure

Zhu said...

Star Treck? How am I supposed to leave a smart comment after that?

Gosh, I'm not that... geeky! Sorry :D

beaverboosh said...

zhu - thank goodness!