Friday, October 23, 2009

Think BIig

A few months back, I dropped blogger chum Renny (RennyBAs Terella) a note suggesting we stage an Oslo blogfest. Nothing elaborate, a Thursday evening in the pub, a meet and greet over a few beers.

I suggested Renny compere the event. I have anointed him the spiritual leader of the Norwegian blogging community. He is a prolific networker, connector, and blogger of global proportions. Though I have never met him personally, his optimistic zeal in communicating all things Norway to the world endears him to me as a kindred pedestrian of the universe.

And hey, face it. Any Norwegian that (still) leaves cheery comments on my blogs after epic rants about Norway and Norwegians is pretty cool in my books. I think he really knows I love it here, though I am unreliably informed, there is a death squad of Norwegian socialist xenophobes out to exterminate my blog.

I digress.

So, how delighted was I to find a comment on my blog last week from Renny apologising for not being around lately. He has been attending to the details of an Oslo blogfest. Pregnant with excitement I linked to his blog to survey the details.

Well, no wonder he was busy. The global alert has gone out. Renny is hosting the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010, the 18th to 22nd of August. This 5 day extravaganza is a passport to Oslo and includes tours, dinner, and a chance to meet other bloggers. Check it out.

What ambition, what vision, what scale, what inspiration. I like the cut of Renny’s gib.

Of course, I have pledged my humble services to Renny, and the humble services of the local blogging bitches I have blogging crushes on. We are on duty and ready to serve.

I am going to meet Renny next Tuesday night at the pub for a beer. I am excited. I am already brainstorming how I can contribute. I have a few initial ideas:

  • A walking tour of my favourite Norwegian honey babe shopkeepers, barmaids and waitresses
  • A lecture on the history and importance of cod to the Norwegian economy, 1700s to the present day
  • A guided tour of Oslo’s suburban mall sex toy shops followed by an evening walk of the red light district.

More of a brainsquall that a brainstorm really. I’ll do a bit more thinking before I meet him Tuesday!

Anyway, I hope that all of you can make it or participate in some capacity. You are all welcome.

If you can’t make it, I’ll see if we can run a webcam on the school disco night.



American in Norway said...

OK you CRACK me up as always... & YEA I will be in Norway at the time... (I know you are THRILLED) Can't you plan something in the meantime so we can all meet up?

& as you know.. I wam willing to help whenever whereever. : )

nursemyra said...

You're pregnant? Congratulations

christina said...

Fantastic! I'm sure it will be a memorable event. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

i have to love a man who has a picture of a naked screaming baby on his blog... renny is a bit of all right...

of your three options, skip the second. expand the third. would love to help, but will have to get my management on board with an official business trip to oslo in august. will do what i can...

Anonymous said...

I'm with daisyfae. (1) and (3) are promising. Drop (2). The cod are all gone now anyway, so the point is moot.

Oslo in August, eh? Have to give that some thought. Recently met a couple from Oslo and they offered to help us out should we make it to Norway some time.


Return to Norway said...

Bwhahahaha *sigh* this should be good - looking forward to it.

ian in hamburg said...

Middle of August, eh? The timing leaves little chance of getting in a ski trip at the same time, though a bike ride to the ferry to Oslo might be doable.

RennyBA's Terella said...

Yea; It has been a long pregnancy time (at least for a Viking :lol: ), but now the baby is born and isn't it cute: OsloBG 2010!

Other than blushing when reading your kind words and award, I am so happy for your enthusiastic support! Your suggestions on program improvement is great (I'll check if the Oslo Pass also provides free adventures in Kondomeriet too :lol: )

I love the other's comments on this post too - this can be nothing but a success!

Looking forward to meet you next Tuesday for more sexy blog gather planning ;-)

Zhu said...

While I wish Norway was closer to Canada, I'm glad to see that Renny took your suggestion seriously.

It should be a pretty cool event!

beaverboosh said...

ain - you are lovely

nm - more frequently knocked up

christiana - come, and maybe you can make it to Oslo as well

df - he is a legend, planning minions are working on your behalf as you sleep

rob - hope to see you in Oslo, you'll need to rob a bank to fund it though

c - you are lovely

ian - get on your bike and ride

renny - you are a legend in the flesh as well!

zhu - see you in Aug?

Maria... said...

I hope to be there!!
Hugs from Ibiza , Spain..

beaverboosh said...

Maria - Fantastic, you are welcome, hope you can make it!