Friday, November 13, 2009

Hearing Voices

I am standing on the airport train platform at Oslo airport.

I hear a woman whispering. I cannot clearly make out what she is saying.

She is speaking softly, in a slow, articulate, deliberate and monotone cadence.


I look around. I appear to be the only person on the train platform. A chill tingles down my spine.

It has finally happened. I have been waiting for this day for years, anxiously, but knowing it would arrive.

I have finally gone fucking bonkers.

I am hearing crazy chick voices in my head. They have come back to haunt me.


The voice is picking on me. It is right out of a scary horror flick. I cannot even watch scary horror flicks. They, well, scare the bejesus out of me!

The whispering starts again, this time in Norwegian. I crack a smile. I am relieved. I may be going bonkers but my brain is not clever enough to scare me in a foreign language. Hehehe, gotchya!

I look up. There is a proximity sensor inside a small dome with a speaker. I am standing directly under the dome and have activated the sensor. It is art. It is pretty fucking freaky art.

4 young beauties arrive and stand in front of me. They are giggling and enjoying their own company.

The whispering starts. Each of them looks around, and looks at me. I am deadpan. They look confused.

One of them walks a bit closer, inspecting me as if I was the source of whispering. I curse myself for not having paid more attention in Ventriloquy class in high school, this is a great spoof.

She looks up, sees the apparatus, looks at me and smiles.

“Freaky eh, I thought I was hearing voices in my head,” says me.

She looks at me sympathetically as if this is wholly plausible. We laugh.

The scary art has transformed to funny art.

Nice. An inspiration.

I make plans to digitally sample spooky voices on my phone. I will scare the shit out of my godchildren. By gods life can be fun at times.



daisyfae said...

art? or a social experiment to see how many people jump onto the tracks to escape the voices....

ian in hamburg said...

Public art for your ears!
This is what the Stranglers were getting at when they called their album Aural Sculpture.

thegnukid said...

now, if those women hadn't shown up and proven the art box was doing the whispering, would you still be second guessing yourself as to your sanity?

RennyBA's Terella said...

Glad the girls could drag you out of sane! :lol:

nursemyra said...

ah those goofy artists.....

BLOGitse said...

That's a great idea!
We try to ignore each others and when you hear that kind of whispering you wake up > more people join > communication suddenly happens!
Greetings from Cairo, Egypt! :)
Renny added your link on my blog...

Michele said...

My therapist assured me once, many years ago, that I was not crazy but that was before I moved to Norway and began losing a bit more of my mind every November (damn the darkness!). That train platform "art" would freak me the fuck out, in a bad way. That said, I'd be interested to know if the device is hooked up to YouTube because laughing at other people sometimes cheers me up.

Patricia Hannigan said...

I always wanted to take a ventriloquy class. :o0

I ♥ unexpected art in unlikely places.

tomeoftheunknownblogger said...

Ah, BB. I've never had that happen to me. But then I've never been alone in a train station either.

Overall, though, this post sounds like a great opening scene for a fun porn adventure... :^)

suicide_blond said...

wow youre so lucky..i cnat get teh voices in my head to stopp!!!!

beaverboosh said...

df - hahahaha, the government is often trying to kill us with art here!

ian - right

gnukid - hearing norwegian gave it away, otherwise i'd be on the tracks

renny - girls always get my attention

nm - so goofy eh!

blogsites - welcome

michele - not seen it on youtube, will have another look

golfgirl - never too late to start

rob - good point, many stories
sound like the opening scene of a porn adventure in my life, hmmmm

suicide - long time sweety, good luck on the voices, try speaking to them