Friday, December 25, 2009

Seasons's Greetings

All of the best to you and yours!



Anonymous said...

Do you find me hot ?

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daisyfae said...

Merry Christmas - and no, i didn't send you the 'comment porn' as a gift. must have been someone else!

christina said...

Merry Christmas, Beav! Hope it's a peaceful one.

Michele said...

And a big wish for the same to you and yours, BB. God jul!

thegnukid said...

and back atcha and yours as well...

Zhu said...

All the best to you and Mrs!

upset waitress said...

Yea yea.


RennyBA's Terella said...

Wishing you the same! Hope it was great - I mean, I know it was white :-)

See you 01.21. at First Millennium Hotel!

Jonny said...

May Mr and Mrs Beaver have a merry joul-tide and a happy 2010!

Anonymous said...

It agree, a remarkable idea

beaverboosh said...

anonym - df, thanks... you sure are hot

df - nice try, like the piccies

christian - enjoy!

michele - have a great one!

gnu - to the tweenies!

zhu - and to you my dear

uw - ... yea

renny - white poweder and cold

jonny - welcome back man, how the hell are ya... best to you and yours

anonym - clearly

tomeoftheunknownblogger said...


A belated "Same to you and yours".

Hope the holidays treated you well.