Friday, January 29, 2010

Comedy In Store

I am on a fresh campaign in the big smoke, blitzing though a number of meetings and dinners. I have Goldenbollocks, my young Norwegian colleague with me. Needless to say, our livers are taking a battering.

We have a cancellation. No dinner meeting Thursday evening. Thank You. A night off. We need a break. We need a change of scenery. We usually hang around in my favourite Soho haunts getting pissed til the wee hours of the morning. Not tonight! We’ll do something different.

Besides, I need to get Goldenbollocks home early. We have an important meeting the next morning. I often leave him in Soho at the end of the evening, and he surfaces 10 minutes before our morning meetings usually with no or little sleep but thankfully freshly showered. I think he’s Lestat incarnate.

He’s a babe magnet. Women throw themselves at him. I have had to stop introducing him to single girls that are friends of mine and the mrs. They inevitably avail themselves of his services with a rapidity that is well, rapid.

I surf the entertainment directories: musicals, theatre, concerts, films… Unbelievable, thousands of things going on in London and I cannot find one of interest. London is dull in January. Well, to be fair, most places in the Northern Hemisphere are dull in January.

Aha, the Comedy Store. That’s the ticket. A good dose of politically incorrect verbally abusive stand up! In the queue on the way it, a little fawn standing in front of us starts talking to Goldenbollocks. Here we go. Thankfully, she is waiting for her boyfriend. I rein his leash in.

There is a four comic line-up compered by Roger Monkhouse! We are second front row and are convulsing with laughter. It is base, racial, political, violent and hilarious. Some of the best comedy surfaces through human tragedy. The multi-ethnic crowd is howling.

This is just what the doctor ordered! I love comedy. Nothing beats live standup.

It’s 2 am and we are in my Soho club with the fawn and her boyfriend. Don’t ask. Golenbollocks and I are a comedy of errors. Thank the lords we have not yet found the other set of twins.



daisyfae said...

oh, the chick magnet. i have a friend like that. one of the gents i date, in fact. and 'date' is TOTALLY a euphemism... sounds like a grand night!

Joanne said...

I am impressed you wrote 'women' with a capital W.

You are like a little boy needing to be entertained, what is wrong with going back to your room for an early night? x

tomeoftheunknownblogger said...

I think all comedy emanates from human tragedy. After all, if you can't laugh about most things, you'll end up crying.

Sounds like quite the business trip. I've never had one even close to that. Mind you, I am unable to stay awake past midnight.

nursemyra said...

Sydney's best month is January! (though I did note you said northern hemisphere)

Return to Norway said...

I like stand up, it's very entertaining.

OSLO said...

I predict a sequel to this post : Goldenbollocks and the Three Fawns

Michele said...

Of course you'll be bringing Goldenbollocks to Oslo BlogFest? Magnets are always so...useful. ;-)

Zhu said...

That makes me think that January and February gotta be the best months for stand-up comedies. Beats the winter blues... right?

thegnukid said...

comedy is basic and essential medicine for the world we have to live in. good call.

beaverboosh said...

df - is that a factette... you ol' euphemism you! when you tire of london you tire of life

jo - ok, sure mom... life is too short to go back to rooms early

rob - less of a business trip, more of business as usual, for better or worse! sorry to hear about mama mia, a good comedy, in fact, ridiculously funny... take drugs and watch it again

nm - i love the smell of syndey in january

caroline - especially when you cannot stand up

johanna - it can be found on

michele - i have asked him to dj our school disco in aug

zhu - too right girl, i am going to laugh through the winter (it's -20 this year, yuck)

gnu - too right, i find something funny in most things... difficult to hold down a real job...