Friday, January 22, 2010

Experts are Boring

A quorum of the coalition of the willing met up last night to discuss the Oslo Blog Gathering scheduled for August 2010, organised by our spiritual blogging leader Renny.

Unfortunately, not all of the bitches could make it… absent bitches, I miss you, please come next time!

The event was hosted by the First Hotel Millenniun in central Oslo, and what a hosting! An intimate tour of the facilities accompanied by wine, tapas and great conversation! Guests from everywhere on the planet will certainly enjoy this facility and the down to earth friendliness and helpfulness of the team! It has become our base of operations!

Before dinner, Anne from Visit Oslo gave us as a comprehensive briefing! The Oslo Pass is an integrated transportation and attraction pass that once procured, offers you the use of the city’s resources for free. It’s pretty cool but I don’t think it includes waxing or teeth whitening, I’ll check. Clearly organ transplants and elective cosmetic surgery are on a pay as you go basis.

I digress.

Anne is a legend. Her enthusiasm is infectous! During the briefing, she explained that the best way to compere visitors around town is to post an event, time and meeting place, and if anyone shows up, just do it, adding that people don’t want to see experts, they are boring. How right she is, I could not agree more.

The last time I compered foreigners around Norway was in Bergen the day after Mrs. BB and I married. Replete in my Norwegian National Dress and with umbrella in hand, I guided visitors around Bergen, a city which I really knew nothing about.

Pointing out statues and associating any famous Norewgian name I could bring to mind eventually got me busted. Faking an Olav Bull for a Greig, I was politely corrected by a local, in a most graciously knowing way. Telling my guests that over 1,000 trolls were displaced and had to be relocated to the North of Norway to make way for the new tunnel to the airport drew howls of derision from locals in the pub.

Experts may be boring, but I am not exactly sure laypersons are exciting, most certainly grossly inexperienced for the task at hand. I shall try my best, I don’t want to let Renny down. He has done an excellent job to get the city behind this event – I mean, the mayor is kicking off the first evening of the Gathering with a champagne reception… whoa!

I am not sure even my best behavior will keep me out of trouble this time!

Omg, maybe she said "Expats are boring"!



Anonymous said...

still trying to figure out a way to get there, but prospects are currently grim... and yes, experts are boring. i prefer history told as it SHOULD have been. the real stuff is for tourists...

Joanne said...

I need a sponsor BB, more than ever, I just got fired after 4 days for fuck sake, how bad is that... I am busy drowning myself in a bottle of SA wine.

DianeCA said...

She said experts, definitely experts! Expats...we are NOT boring!! I hope lots of new and interesting people come on board, we sure are a fun bunch so far! I can't sponsor anybody, but if you get here, I will buy you a round..... :-)

nursemyra said...

sorry BB, it's France and Greece for me this year. Pillow fighting with daisyfae takes precedence...

RennyBA's Terella said...

Hey You! Reading this notes vaguely refresh my memories: I think I was there too?

Btw: Let's be happy for all the checks we can get and we'll meet again, hopefully with some refreshing new once ;-)

Zhu said...

She must have said experts... expats are the opposite of boring. We are as innocent as child and quite easy to make fun of!!

Anonymous said...

"...Replete in my Norwegian National Dress..."

unfair...we needed to see you actually wearing it!

Patricia Hannigan said...

I'm going to try to get to Oslo. Was there many years ago and remember it to be beautiful

I just need a golf story angle ...and Norway has been producing some really good female golfers lately. So that's going to be it. :o)

RennyBA's Terella said...

Would have been great if you could join us Patricia! You'll find further comment on you're last post :-)

TorAa said...

Hehe, you are a great storyteller.
We both know the OsloBG will be a blast of an event.
Very exotic with the long and light evenings here up North at 60 deegres North.
For you, as a Canadian we talk about the middle of Hudson Bay.
We can go swimming in the fiord here.

btw. It was very nice to meet you last TORsday;)).

Have a great rest of the weekend.

PS. Have you seen my ABC-blog in Norwegian?

American in Norway said...

Missed y'all too. I have had one family member or another curled up in the fetal position with the friggen flu... I got mine Thursday night... : ) tough way to lose 7 lbs...but damn I am loooking goood. When is the next get together?

Michele said...

This bitch will definitely be there next time! My bad for missing all of the frivolity. I am completely blown away by everything Renny and his minions have accomplished---I have a lot of catching up to do. No way I'm wearing a bunad, though. ;-)

beaverboosh said...

df - you'll be here in spirit... i need to sort out the school disco webcam!

jo - dont let the buggers get you down! cheers

dianeca - welcome! great to meet ya

nm - i'll come to you

renny - indeed!

zhu - yes, i am often the expat target of my own humour

gnu - flickr

golf girl - we are excited about your possible attendance... tournament being planned!

tor - great to meet you

ain - hope you are feeling better... i have had a bad cold for 6 weeks and have become a fat bastard due to no gym and little skiing

michele - looking forward

Anonymous said...

Well, as a self proclaimed expert, I find the statement that "experts are boring" just a trifle offensive.

On the expat thing, despite my best efforts, I have yet to be one.

Expert or expat, you sound like you are just very damned entertaining!