Friday, January 15, 2010

Mama Mia

In a fit of romanticism, I ask Mrs. BB out on a date. It’s just the thing needed to break through the bleakness of a January weekday.

We shall see a film.

Not particularly spoiled for choice, I review the options:

  • Sherlock Holmes – Guy Ritchie’s return, more of a boys film, a bit of grit, not enough romance
  • A Serious Man – Love the Cohen Brothers and Clooney, comedy but dark, not light and fluffy enough
  • Avatar – Hate Cameron films (bar Terminator), not Mrs. BB’s thing, people who have seen the film are depressed they will never get to another world like Pandora… Get A Grip People!
I settle on a DVD she received for Xmas, Mama Mia. It has been out for a while, but should do the trick. I hate musicals but with a Scandinavian wife, I have learned to love Abba! Scando girls are genetically wired to love Abba.

Our date will be in front of the television at home. After all, it is too cold to venture out. I assemble a hot take away meal and queue the film.

Well, I laughed so much I was crying!

Definitely a fluffy chick flick, but loads in it for the boys in addition to all of the hot girls in swim suits!

Most will find something to like about this film, except Pierce Brosnan’s terrible singing! It is a real feelgood film!

In the end, we both had huge smiles on our faces and wiped away the January blues! It was a hot date.

Mama Mia, I am concerned about the effect this cold weather is having on my testicles, I am becoming a big girl’s blouse!



thegnukid said...

you watched a chick flick and enjoyed it? crank up the testosterone, man, before it's too late! (okay, okay...i occasionally enjoy them too...)

nursemyra said...

I'm just don't do musicals :-(

A Serious Man is great btw, but probably not to everyone's taste. I loved it!

azahar said...

I would never have considered seeing this film ... until now.

This weekend it's going to be either Michael Moore or the Coen Bros.

OSLO said...

Mrs BB sure is a lucky woman, shrunken testicles aside. We're venturing out tonight to see (George Clooney in) 'Up in the Air'.

daisyfae said...

ouch. i'd have normally said that we must collectively gather to punch you in the ovaries until you come to your senses... but this was such a sincere review... crikey...

Lisa said...

You. Are. Funny.

And I love it.

Return to Norway said...

I loved that movie - excellent choice Mr BB.

Michele said...

Date night---sweet! Mamma Mia is a fun movie; the Swedish guy, Skarsgård, is hysterical.

There IS romance in Sherlock Holmes...between Holmes and Watson. It's a bromance thing. Also fun!

jinjir minjir said...

So, see youse in Skopelos, rather than The Open?

TorAa said...

Haha, a hot date in cold weather,
that's the solition.


dorothy said...

no BB. no. no. no. nononnononononononononoononono.

mama mia? really? i made ten minutes of that movie and i LOVE musicals.

and avatar rocks. in threeeee deeee guy. three dee. let's just appreciate the awesomeness of that.

beaverboosh said...

gnu - too right mon, I've been watching voilent boys films all weekend

nm - love Cohen Bros and Clooney, will definitely check it out

az - it's a good larf

oslo - my and doesn't Mrs BB know it

df - hey theatre bitch, it's an effin top musical... I could see you in the lead role... dancing queen... kowing me knowing you...

lisa - You. Are. Too. Kind.

caroline - thanks, but you are Scando, its in your genes

michele - caught Sherlock on wed night with BiL, nice

jm - no chance, it'll be the Open thanks (hopefully see you before then)!

toraa - totally dude

d - really, I laughed so much... now Avatar... caught it last week... sorry girl, thought it was classic Cameron shite, pocahontas on alien acid... though the Pandoran amazons gave me chubby

dorothy said...

bb - tell me the 3D moved you?! tell me it did something to your testicles! you can not be that hard of heart!

Maria... said...

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beaverboosh said...

d - abso, the Pandoran amazons gave me a chubby, i'd be happy to book a dirty weekend there with my avatar and sniff a few tails... i still can't stand Cameron films...

maria - mail sent, ask away!

tomeoftheunknownblogger said...

Good grief, Mamma Mia was a dreadful movie. And I should know, I've seen a lot of crappy ones lately.