Friday, March 5, 2010

We Are The Champions

We are the champions my friends

And we'll keep on fighting til' the end

We are the champions

We are the champions

No time for losers

'Cause we are the champions of the world


Post Script of BB's Notables (Chrono)

Alexander Bilideau – you are a beautiful human being

Petra Majdic – you are outstanding girl, get well soon, we want to see you back at the top

Marit Bjorgen – you truly are the queen of Nordic skiing

Aksel Lund Svindal – you are THE man for the BIG occasions

Canadian Gold Medal Skaters – well done team (who could have known?)

Norwegian Men’s Curling Team – you’ve turned a sleepy obscure sport into a bad fashion statement, and got the world’s attention, and the Silver medal… well done boys

Petter Northug – you may the best sprint finisher on the planet… but you're still at total cunt

Canadian Men’s Hockey Team – you are No. 1, you ROCK!

Sidney Crosby – congratulations to my home province hero… well done pal… more baby boys will be named Sidney in 2010 than in any other year of Canadian history!

William Shatner - patriotic closing ceremony speech Captain, to we the proud and free. And thanks for letting the rest of the world know 'we know how to make love in a canoe and have a health system in case anything goes wrong!'

Vancouver & Whistler - What a spirit and ambiance! Ya done us proud kid! Probably one of the friendliest (and most beautiful) places in Canada, on the planet whether the Olympics or just plain everyday life. Especially great for visitors to Canada. You are always the first place I recommend to foreigners keen to see Canada!

Canadian Olympic Team - WOW! World record breaking 14 gold medals pipping Norway's record of 13 set at Lillehammer! Oustanding job team! You went for Gold and you got it!


daisyfae said...

Yay for the Canadians! And if i'd known Mr. Shatner was on for the closing ceremonies? i might have watched!

christina said...

Wasn't it fantastic? It's taken me a few days to stop sniffling after seening all those pictures of my old stomping (and skiing) grounds.

RennyBA's Terella said...

Reading all this glorious reviews about the winter Olympics athletes, the more I'm proud to be a Norwegian (blushing a bit - but just a bit! - when saying so :lol: ) Okay, you beat us in most gold medals "at home", but we still have the best pants, the queen of skiers (and the king although a bastard :lol: ), the alpine gentleman And: Still on top of total medals from all winter Olympics.

So Yea; We are the Champions!

tomeoftheunknownblogger said...

So, the Olympics are over?

Zhu said...

I'm 100% and zero French for these Olympics. Sorry but Canadians are the winter gods...!

And what a great hockey finale!

beaverboosh said...

df - I am not one for ceremonies but it was pretty cool

christina - they done us proud girl

renny - indeed

rob - the Olympics are over, and there is only a bit more than a month left to the ski season, I will start blogging about golfing soon...

zhu - you've gone native! The hockey was a nail biter eh? x