Friday, April 24, 2009

Picture This

I am a bit cagey about personal photos on my blog.

After all, with the number of people I annoy, and the pending litigations, anonymity is best advised. Also, I am not keen to attract the attention of the immigration police, or Interpol, or the Women’s Institute.

The beautiful American in Norway posted a picture of herself on her blog this week.

I suggested she uploaded her picture at to check out the celebrity face recognition software for a bit of fun. She is a dead ringer for Whoopi Goldberg. This new technology is simply fucking amazing.

My own results were mind blowing.

Raoul Bova…ok… ya, sure!

Michael Stipe…back in the days when I had a heroin addiction and no hair.

My photo… I am not crazy about the lighting and I was feeling kinda down that day.

Can you see the similarities? I mean, they are uncanny aren’t they?

Who do you look like?



ian in hamburg said...


Major NSFW alert, beave! Or is that equine?

I would have thought given your name you'd be showing us, erm... other equipment, as it were.

Anonymous said...

at the moment? i look just like a drool-encrusted middle-aged hausfrau. who - for some reason she can't quite put her finger on - can't think of who she resembles... right. where was i again?

American in Norway said...

OMG... thanks for making me wet myself while at my desk... Now not only do I look like Whoopie... I smell like pee... attractive!

kyknoord said...

I look like MS-Word clipart.

Rob said...

@ian in hamburg: I think beaverboosh had to settle for that moniker because "carpet muncher" and "muff diver" were taken.

I dunno beaverboosh. We've not met IRL but, from your photo, you look kind of like a big prick. No offense, eh?

Uncle Keith said...

I'm sure your parents have lots of school pictures of you around the house.

jinjir minjir said...

Ariel Sharon and Edward Said.

As I said, I AM controversial...

Anonymous said...

Will we also get a photo of you when you're feeling more perky?

That celeb thang is soooo last April 18th, dahlink.

my celeb lookalikes"

Karla said...

I always thought you were kind of a dick. Now I KNOW you are.


Anonymous said...

You really have been hob knobbing with the wrong crowd again, haven't you?


Anonymous said...

how I wish you weren't married

Anonymous said...

Goodness you're tall. Do they call you stretch?

beaverboosh said...

ian - i'm not showing my beaver to anyone... well

df - take it all in baby

ain - good practice for camping in Germany

kyk - what version of word are you running?

rob - more of a dick head

uk - yes, they are very proud

jm - wow, you're going to be popular dude

az - i am sure i can find one... i am such a late adopter and soooo uncool!

karla - i am dick. i a reckless, arrogant, stupid dick...

docle - yup

nm - you are such a tease

cf - no, dick head mainly